Monday, August 25, 2014

MONDAY PUN-DAY: Yay... School

So, I know that for some of y'all school didn't start until today, and even a few of y'all don't start until September.


As for Your Royal Paleness, however, I just started my first full week.
School isn't so bad so far. I pretty much like my classes, but I think lunch is a little too early.

So this pun is dedicated to all y'all who started today (my condolences). It's kind of about art, because that's the class I'm in right now.

Vincent Van Gogh's favorite Disney movie was Frozen.
He liked "Let It Gogh."

Happy Schooling!
Your Royal Paleness

P.S. Happy 4 Months 'til Christmas!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Top 10 Tuesday-- School Edition

Tomorrow marks the beginning of yet another year of school for Your Royal Paleness.

So I thought, "Hey, I've had some pretty 'special' moments at school, why not share?"

This will probably put a damper on any chance with Prince Harry, but here you go:

10. One day our English teacher decided she wanted to make us rap in front of the entire class, and at one point, the whole grade (and I don't know if you've seen my name, but I don't think anyone named Your Royal Paleness can rap). Don't tell her, but she forgot to call on me. **insert evil smile here**

9. Our teacher also required us to write and sing a song in front of everybody. I had no idea what to write, and I spent about 2 hours creating the worst song on the face of this planet (don't believe me? It was to the tune of "You've Got A Friend in Me"). Luckily I got out of singing, but I still had to read it.

8. Last year in social studies, we focused on World History, and at one point we came across the Native American unit. My nearly-fresh-out-of-college teacher told us we had to come up with a creative skit (have you picked up on a performing theme here?) that included at least 5 tribes and their attributes. My group and I devised a Native American game show called "Wheel of Maya." I was chosen to play the Aztec named Betty, who was loud and carried away a contestant for sacrifice; by the time we were done, my face could have put a tomato to shame.

7. In English we read a book called The Bronx Masquerade; in short, children are inspired to write down their feelings into poems. In this little book, a character by the name of Chankara existed, and my friend and I called her "Chank" for short. So when we were done reading the book and answering some questions out loud about it, my teacher asked something, with the answer being Chankara. I specifically remember thinking "do NOT say Chank" right before, of course, answering Chank with all the confidence in the world. My teacher laughed for 20 minutes, along with my friend.

6. You know how you wear those really long gowns when you graduate? Yeah, so do I. As my little 5-year old self happily climbed up the stairs to receive my kindergarten diploma, I tripped right in front of my headmaster... and looked fabulous doing it, too. (Yes, I was pale then, too.)

5. With my POTS and all I usually had a water bottle with me, and in the mornings we would get bored and toss it around. Someone from my softball team walked in the class, and we're good friends, so of course I chucked it at her. She caught it like a pro. I went to congratulate her, but she was under the impression that we were playing catch, so she threw it back. It hit me square in the eye, and I wear contacts, so everything went a little blurry for a minute. But we both laughed and hugged it out, so it was all good (I wasn't hurt).

4. My PE teacher is a big fan of dodgeball-related games, so we were playing, and I was still in (my strategy is to hide). But I figured I might as well play and picked up a ball. I hear my friend get hit, so naturally I check on them, but as soon as I turn back around I get nailed in the face. That wasn't the first time that's happened, actually. **embarrassed smile**

3. I had PE when it starts to get cool outside, so coach would usually take us out to do our activities. One week he decides we need to experience cross country; I'm not much of a fan (no offense to y'all runners out there). Let me give you an idea of my team; me, a pale boy that weighs about 50 pounds, and someone who actually runs cross country. Coach hands us a rope and says "Alright, run the whole thing as a team, go." Now, I'm not sure how long that course is, but it was sure long enough right then. We went through woods and mud and **shudder** uphill. Naturally our team came in last. Coach comes up, looks at my collapsed body, and says something along the lines of "Wasn't that fun?" "I can't feel my legs," I wheezed. Seriously, I couldn't. "It's fine," he said as he walks away. Thanks for the support.

2. These next two will be about my lovely football unit experience, by the way. Once again in PE, we're learning (maybe it was just me learning) football, and coach calls me over. "You're a team captain," he says to me. "Pick your team." There were about 5 teams, but I chose this man-child who I knew played football, a girl who is fast but is about 2 feet high, and another guy who played football. Now, the version we're playing is just touch-tackle, or whatever you call it, and our current game is about to be over. I don't remember if we were winning or not, but I do know I was chasing down a girl with the ball. I'm somewhat fast, but I'm even more clumsy, so of course I trip and knock both of us down.
Thanks, cankles.

1. This is referred to at the Paleness Residence as "The Bleacher Fall." So we're playing ANOTHER game of football right after the one in #2, and by some miracle I get the ball. I'm also at the wrong side of the gym to score, so I have to run, and I'm being chased by sweaty teenagers. And don't ask me how, because I don't know, but...
I'm sorry... *sniff* I need a moment.
I run straight on into (and by into, I mean into) the bleachers, whack my head, and fall.
Seriously, it looked like this:

I got a high five from coach, though, so it was alright.
The next day he was explaining the rules. "...and we removed the bleachers so no one gets hurt. Right, Your Royal Paleness?"

I hope you enjoyed my lovely school experiences. Do you have any of your own?

Good luck, Back-To-Schoolers!
Your Royal Paleness

Monday, August 18, 2014


I don't know about y'all, but school starts in a few days down here.

Your Royal Paleness is not very pleased.

But it's okay, I guess. We're getting a new math curriculum, and I have art class (and maybe a cooking class!).
The fire alarm usually cheers me on when I cook, so we'll see how that goes.

I now present your pun.

Parallel lines have so much in common. It's a shame they'll never meet.

Be on the lookout tomorrow for a special Top Ten Tuesday!
Your Royal Paleness

P.S. Who saw the latest Austin & Ally?! Aaahh!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Mysterious Muser Has Been Musing

I know, I know.
I missed Monday Pun-Day again.

No, I didn't die, I've just been very busy.
You all know where I was last week (if you don't, click here), but let me explain what's going on right now.

A) I am currently in the process of mourning Prince Harry's latest relationship.

B) I've been at baking camp!

I'll try to post some pictures soon. A bakery close to our home has once again offered their camp, but with a few changes (the original owners moved to Vegas for a year). It's a 4-day thing, and we're 2 days in so far. At the moment we've frosted cookies, decorated a cupcake, chosen fondant for our cake, and messed around with some pizza dough.
My original cake idea was Prince Harry-themed, but that obviously didn't work out.

On a happier note, here is your fabulous pun:

My friend recently had some teeth pulled. I told her she deserved a crown.

You know the drill.
Your Royal Paleness

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday Fun-Day

Relax, y'all.
I'm back.

Okay, so I know a lot of y'all visited my blog on Monday for a pun, but it wasn't there. Sorry!!

Then you think, "Alright, maybe she passed out or something, I'll check back tomorrow."
And it still wasn't there.

Then you begin to doubt your sanity, but never fear; Thursday Fun-Day is here!

Let me explain where I was first.
From Monday to Wednesday Your Royal Paleness participated in a church event for our city (here it will be referred to as "Project X" for security purposes).
To summarize, the volunteers are divided into small groups with 2 leaders apiece and are sent around the city to do mission projects. But were were not only there to serve the community; our main purpose was to share the Gospel.

But we couldn't share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which tells us that we are sinful but can be with God through the death of His Son, without meeting the physical needs of the people first.

My group led the day-camp children in Crafts, Recreation, and Bible Study for Vacation Bible School. We also helped teachers move things out of mobile classrooms at the largest public elementary school in our state.

I also met some new friends, which was great.

So that's where I was, but I've returned! Let us proceed with Thursday Fun-Day.

Another group went to help wash people's clothes. I heard they had loads of fun.

I'm sorry it if that was lame, I was pressed for time.
Wouldn't want to stain my image, though.
It seems I've been hung out to dry.

And guess what?
Only 46 days until the return of THE VOICE!
It may be too depressing for Your Royal Paleness, though... (see "Adam Levine is now married.")

Brochacho: get over it

Brochacho is a fan of The Voice as well.

But he might not admit it.
Your Royal Paleness

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hey, Y'all

Hey, y'all!

I honestly don't really have anything to write about, but I recently made this awesome picture.

You're welcome, America.
Has anyone heard about that show "I Wanna Marry Harry?" Basically, a Prince Harry look-alike (Matt Hicks) and 12 ladies participate in a resplendently pretend version of The Bachelor.

Um... no.
C'mon, FOX, don't play... I want the real thing.

Speaking of television, who watched the series premiere of ABC's "The Quest?"
I haven't quite watched it yet, but I heard the show was off to a pretty good start.
To summarize, The Quest is a part reality, part fantasy adventure created by our friends at The Amazing Race and The Lord of the Rings. The televised pursuit to become the last "Paladin" features "12 lucky souls" to participate in the expedition of a lifetime into the world of Everealm. Here the contestants will compete against the mysterious creatures of mythology, things of the shadows, and, of course, each other.
Tune in Thursdays at 8/7 Central on ABC and root for your favorite hero.

Oh, by the way, Momma and I finally got to see the latest Project Runway episodes.


If you haven't watched it yet, you can check it out here.
Only about, you know, 110 days to go. Not a big deal.

School starts later this month. I'll post a few choice stories about that soon.
Your Royal Paleness